ACANA Heritage - What You Need to Know

ACANA is 25 and to celebrate this milestone they’ve updated their Classics range of ACANA Dog Foods. The new enhanced range, called ACANA Heritage, celebrates ACANA’s long-standing commitment to preparing Biologically Appropriate™ foods from Fresh Regional Ingredients in their award winning kitchens.

What are the benefits of the new Heritage formulas?

The new Heritage formulas contain more meat, fresh meat and a greater variety of meats than ever before. Due to the improved formulas and high quality of ingredients less synthetic supplementation is required, with Zinc being the only supplement added to the ACANA Heritage formulas.

All ingredients are sourced from farmers and fishermen in ACANA’s local region. ACANA Heritage foods feature:

  • 60% to 75% meat
  • Free-run chicken and nest-laid eggs
  • Whole wild-caught flounder
  • NO grains or high-glycaemic carbohydrates such as rice, potato or tapioca


The ACANA Heritage Range:

The Heritage formulas have the same names as the original Classics formulas, with the exception of ACANA Cobb Chicken & Greens (which has replaced ACANA Chicken & Burbank Potato).

ACANA Heritage Range

The ACANA Heritage bags now have handy re-sealable zips and are available in the following sizes*:

  • 340 g
  • 2 kg
  • 6 kg
  • 11.4 kg

*Some formulas are only available in certain sizes.

Please note: Our suppliers will be switching to the new Heritage formulas as the Classics formulas sell out. They expect to be fully switched over by the end of June 2016. If you would like to check which formula you’ll be receiving before placing your order, please feel free to get in touch with us at, or on 021 554 6178

For more information on the ACANA Heritage Range visit

Cathy Dittrich
Cathy Dittrich